Pacifiers & Teeth Development

Blue eyed baby with a blue pacifier

Got concerns about how a pacifier will impact the development of your child’s teeth? In this blog post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about pacifiers and dental development.

Benefits of a Pacifier

Pacifiers can be a really important tool for parents. They do a great job soothing your child and helping them cope with their emotions at an early age. Pacifiers are safe to use, and sucking on them is a natural inclination for babies. However, it’s important that your child not come to rely on a pacifier long-term, or they’ll be faced with the possibility of developing some dental side effects.

Dental Complications From Long-Term Pacifier Use

There are a number of unwanted side-effects that can come from long-term pacifier use. Issues with the bite, including an open bite and an overbite will call for orthodontic work down the line. Pacifier use can also cause buck teeth and changes to the roof of your child’s mouth. And it’s not all dental-related. Long-term reliance on a pacifier can also trigger skin problems, speech issues, and even social challenges. All of these issues can also come with thumb-sucking, so it’s important to rid your child of either habit at the appropriate age.

Saying Goodbye to the Pacifier

Early use of the pacifier is absolutely okay and can have some real benefits for you and your child. So when do you have to take the pacifier away? There’s not one answer, but as the teeth begin to come in, you’ll want to start thinking about making the change. Many children give up the sucking habit on their own, but you’ll want to monitor your child to make sure they give up the habit before the age of four.

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