Relieving Pain From Braces

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Braces have been around a long time for good reason! They are very effective at shifting crooked and misaligned teeth into straight, even smiles. Orthodontic treatment has improved over the years, so metal and ceramic braces work better and are more comfortable than in the past. Many people still experience discomfort, however, especially after their braces are tightened. Here are some tips on pain relief:

Ice packs

When we adjust the wires of your braces, your teeth shift. Soreness can last up to a few days. To relieve this discomfort, wrap an ice pack (or anything frozen, like a bag of frozen peas) in a towel and hold it against your face.

Orthodontic wax

Are brackets and wires poking your mouth and causing pain? Orthodontic wax provides a barrier between the inside of your mouth and your braces. Find the areas that are most painful and place a pea-sized ball of wax on the offending bracket or wire. Replace the wax at least twice a day. To prevent the wax from collecting bacteria, apply after you’ve brushed your teeth.

Warm salt water rinse

Sores can develop on your cheeks and gums, especially when you first get your braces. Rinsing with warm salt water helps heal your mouth and relieve the pain. Pour a little salt into a cup of warm water and let it dissolve. Gargle and swish with the water for a minute before spitting.

Over-the-counter pain medication

Are you always in pain after a tightening appointment? You can take pain medication about an hour before your appointment. Always follow instructions on dosing. If over-the-counter medication doesn’t relieve your pain or you’re still hurting after several days, please contact our office.

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Braces often cause issues like soreness and small nicks, but pain relief options like ice packs, saltwater, and pain medication can help. The worst symptoms usually occur after first getting braces and after tightening appointments, but your mouth adjusts. If you’re worried about the level of pain you feel, please talk to us right away. At our Cibolo office, we provide orthodontic treatment to both kids and adults. Got questions or want to book a consultation? Please contact us today!

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